Genome Translation

Our group is a computational research team that is integral to the translational research at Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience. We are embedded as part of Sheffield’s Centre for Genome Translation.

Using mostly computer based analyses we uncover the molecular factors that drive diseases and  translate these to treatments and diagnostics. We use insight into these to prioritise therapeutic targets.

Studying ALS – why I do this stuff – worth watching how we work together in consortia and what we feel 


Understanding diseases better

  • Discovery and understanding of causative processes for diseases using genomics
  • Definition of “omic” signatures that are closely associated with disease phenotype and progression
  • Discovery and interpretation of key processes, pathways and genes that contribute to disease
  • More accurate and effective disease models
  • Functional stratification of diseased populations
  • Drug repurposing development
  • Translation to and from human transdifferentiated cell models and model organisms to appropriate diagnostics and drug treatments

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